You are currently viewing The Sonophilia Foundation to hold a series of interactive talks for the international community of IST University of Applied Sciences

The Sonophilia Foundation to hold a series of interactive talks for the international community of IST University of Applied Sciences

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On February 9, 2021, the Sonophilia Foundation will participate in an exciting online event organized by IST University of Applied Sciences School of Management, exploring the topic of Creativity and its role in culture, business, and everyday problem-solving. A panel of experts from Sonophilia Foundation will help drive discussions around the multifaceted theme of creativity and rediscover what it means in our everyday lives.

The agenda will include opening remarks from the founder of the Sonophilia Foundation Seda Röder, and professor of IST University of Applied Sciences, Dr Thomas Merz. There will also be breakout rooms for real-world case studies facilitated by some highly enthusiastic experts from the Sonophilia Foundation.

  • Franziska Wizany, a Sonophilian and Cultural Entrepreneur, will lead the discussion on how creativity can help us to overcome insurmountable cultural barriers. 
  • Holger Seier, a Sonophilian and the Head of Innovation Marketing at Evonik, will highlight topics of business and creativity, focusing on how to foster creativity, why entrepreneurial thinking is so important for large corporations, and what ideas are generated. 
  • Andy Zmolek, a Sonophilian and Founder of Phracta, will explore psychological gameplay patterns and creativity.

The neuroscientific research of creativity shows that having creative confidence has far-reaching consequences. When we use our creativity, we can better cope with ambiguity and complexity, can easily adapt to change, and are more resilient. Furthermore, creativity is an essential ingredient for innovation and inventiveness.

What happens in the brain when we bring our creativity to the forefront? Can we understand, explain, and even measure creativity? What do we need to do to cultivate creativity systematically? These are just a few of the questions participants will be invited to ponder during this digital event.

This event was developed in an effort to help the younger generation seek opportunities in an increasingly complex, ambiguous and internationalising world. As part of their education policy, IST supports students, staff, and professors in the expansion of their international experience through partnerships, language skills, and digital access to educational materials from anywhere in the world.

Practical Information:

  • The event will take place on February 9, 2021
  • Opening at 12pm German Time/ UTC+1

Register here for the event:

About Sonophilia Foundation

Sonophilia Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Germany dedicated to democratizing creativity. Sonophilia Foundation promotes creativity, diversity, and critical thinking as the cornerstone of societal well-being, progress, and innovation. The pillar of our work is to make creativity a tangible science and to make the scientific findings available and practically applicable for the general public, education professionals, and policy-makers.

To this end, the Sonophilia Foundation collaborates with scientific institutions, scholars, and opinion-makers from the arts, business, and technology to generate and implement ideas that ignite positive, systemic change at scale. 


Seda Röder, Founder Sonophilia Foundation gemeinnützige GmbH Landshuter Allee 11, 80637 München


Phone: +43 660 77 345 88

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