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The Sonophilia Foundation and the Society for Neuroscience of Creativity announce partnership

The Sonophilia Foundation has sparked a historic collaboration with the Society for Neuroscience of Creativity (SfNC), the leading global organization for creativity research, which includes scholars and educators from around the world whose interdisciplinary work is advancing the cognitive and brain-based science of creativity.

We at the Sonophilia Foundation strongly believe that scientific research on creativity is highly relevant for providing the general public, educators, and policy-makers with a more tangible understanding of creativity as an innate human power. Likewise, SfNC aspires to catalyze a basic understanding of how creativity happens in the brain and how we can apply this knowledge to make real-world impacts. In joining forces, our aim is to bring these scientific insights to more people. To this end, Sonophilia Foundation is committed to supporting SfNC scholars’ work through grants, internships, networks, and spotlight and outreach events. 

The thematic focus of the partnership between Sonophilia Foundation and SfNC lies in exploring creativity definitions, developing approaches to creativity measurement, and dispelling creativity myths, with the goal of practical advice and applications relevant to teaching, learning and business. 

About Sonophilia Foundation:

Sonophilia Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Germany dedicated to democratizing creativity. Sonophilia Foundation promotes creativity, diversity, and critical thinking as the cornerstone of societal well-being, progress, and innovation. The pillar of our work is to make creativity a tangible science and to make the scientific findings available and practically applicable to the general public, education professionals, and policy-makers.

To this end, the Sonophilia Foundation collaborates with scientific institutions, scholars, and opinion-makers from the arts, business, and technology to generate and implement ideas that ignite positive, systemic change at scale. 


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